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Don't just eat it...grow it! (and even get paid to do it!)

To Apply:
Send us a letter, resume, and relevant course and thorough work experience which shows us skills we would appreciate,and explaining why you would like to join us, what you hope to gain from your experience, when you would be available to work, if you have your own transportation and housing (or if you would need it), and which 2 farms you would like to join (giving a first choice option). Letters can be addressed to: Adele Hayes, Sap Bush Hollow Farm, 1314 West Fulton Rd, Warnerville, NY 12187.

Take time with your letter as it is the first item which provides us insight as to your character, your mission and your caring about your community and our world and how serious this internship may be to you. It is extremely serious and important to us.

Application letters are accpted until January 31 of each year for the May - August internship! Applications are accepted from November 1 of each year until the deadline. If you have a different timeline for a work experience feel free to contat us to discuss potential opportunities.
For more information about our program, read below.

MADE in Schoharie County is a community coalition of pasture-based livestock producers dedicated to supporting one another in whatever capacity necessary as we pursue the ideals of sustainable farming. Since our inception in 1999, our respective businesses have flourished. Many of us began farming while working at salaried jobs, but have now managed to make successful full-time transitions to our businesses.

The trouble we face is that, while we’ve grown wise and experienced in our work, we’re not getting any younger. Like so many other farmers across the country, we’re faced with a need for energized, enthusiastic and helpful labor. Further, confronted with the reality that we cannot steward our land forever, we now wish to help a new generation of farmers find their place on green pastures.

And that is how the Livestock Internship Program (and grassfedinterns.com) was born.

Details, Details, Details....

Welcome to GRASSFED INTERNS.com!
Don't just eat it....GROW IT!!

As a group of family farms, the members of MADE in Schoharie County have been producing Grassfed beef and sheep, and pastured pork and chickens since the early 90's. We are all very proud of our success and would like to share our experiences and knowledge with individuals who feel strongly about sustainaable agricultural production methods,grassfed and pasturing techniques These individuals would work with us daily and have many educational opportunities while working on these farms.

Our organization, MADE in Schoharie County (see more about us, left), would like to host a crew of summer interns on our respective farms for 15 weeks, from mid-May through early August. The 15 weeks is firm (with the potential for a longer appointment if you are interested). We're seeking intrepid individuals who are hungry for physical labor, staggeringly beautiful Upstate New York vistas, great food and hard-core intellectual stimulation to come and stay with us. We've got a great summer in the works for you....

You see, we happen to feel that there's more to an internship than grunt work (not that grunt work is bad...we surely won't deprive you of it). It should be about getting to know great people, and acquiring the intellectual and experiential tools you'll need to break out on your own.

And that's what we want to offer you. Applicants accepted into our program will have the opportunity to work on a successful pasture-based farm, dealing with every aspect of small-scale livestock production from pasture and livestock management, to meat cutting and sales...and we'll even teach you how to cook it. You'll do it all. Plus, just to make sure all the experience is driven home, you will be expected to actively participate with the farm staff in decision making which will generally discuss most of the following topics:

* Holistic Resource Management
* Developing a Business and Marketing Plan
* Farm Financial Planning and Management
* Grazing Land Management
* Monitoring the Health of the Farm and Family Ecosystem
* Marketing Farm Products
* Meat Identification, Handling, Cooking and Food Safety

We feel these discussions are critically important to the success of your internship (reading between the lines: "unless you're throwing up, we want to you there"). They will not only provide you with important information and critical thinking skills, they'll get you to begin to understand why we do "the things we do". We try to make group visits to the other farms to see their techniques and hopefully have a social occassion with the other interns.

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!! Did we mention you'll be compensated? Every farm has a different compensation package and labor requirement. Some will offer food and housing in exchange for labor & learning, some offer pay for full-time work. Each farm has posted its compensation package. If you would like specific details from any of them, feel free to contact them directly.

If you're interested in applying, contact us soon. Spaces are limited and competitive.

MEET THE FARMS OK. Now pay close attention, because you'll need to select your top two choices when you submit your letter of interest.

Heather Ridge Farm.
Carol Clement
989 Broome Center Road, Preston Hollow, NY 12469 518-239-6234

Carol and husband John work full-time operating Heather Ridge Farm, a diversified grass-based farm. Grassfed beef and lamb, pastured pigs, chickens and turkeys are raised, and products marketed directly to the consumer at the on-farm store and a farmers market. The farm is one of the current four farms licensed to utilize the NYS-licensed facility located at Sap Bush Hollow Farm. Carol is also a beekeeper, teaching beekeeping workshops on and off farm. Her honey has been honored with the designation “Best Honey in the Hudson Valley” by Hudson Valley Magazine (2005). Honey and other specialty products are produced in the farm’s certified kitchen as well as candles, soaps and other related items. Heather Ridge also operates "The Bees Knees Cafe" which is open concurrently with the weekend store hours.

The intern at Heather Ridge Farm will be totally involved in all aspects of living and working on the farm. Along with Carol, John and other possible workers, all tasks are shared. Tasks include any combination of the following: feeding and watering animals, moving animals and fencing, pasture and fence maintenance, cleaning after animals and people, going to market, painting, bottling honey, labeling, inventory, cooking, store clerking, computer work, animal socialization, hauling feed, gardening, and anything else that comes up!

If receiving college credit, the intern will be provided with on-farm housing and a food allowance. The noncredit intern will receive agricultural minimum wage less the value of housing and food allowance. 40 hours of work a week over five or six days will be planned.

Nagimor Farm and Kennel
Nancy, Gil and Morgan Chichester
165 Hite Road Warnerville, NY 12187
(518) 254-0021 nagimor@​msn.com

Nagimor farm and kennel has evolved over the past 20 years. It began in southern Schoharie County as the result of receiving a wedding gift of two ewes and 8 acres of land. Pigs, chickens, and beef were added over the years so that more grassland was needed.

In 2004, we purchased a 79 acre parcel in central Schoharie County on Hite Road. We have 30 breeding ewes that produced approximately 50 lambs this year, to be totally finished on grass. Additionally, we have raised 6 Angus steers, 12 pigs and a small flock of pastured poultry to be sold at farmers' markets in Schenectady and Cooperstown, NY, as well as from our farm. We look to expand production in the future by marketing though a meat CSA.

We subscribe to the principals of sustainable agriculture and have particpiated in study groups developed to foster Holistic Resource Management.

An Intern at Nagimor Farm & Kennel will be involved in the following:

1.Planning and implementing an annual rotational grazing plan including the supply of water as necessary.
2.Assist with the maintenance and movement of livestock by way of installing and moving portable fencing.
3.Monitoring and managing all livestock needs on a daily basis.
4.Construction and maintenance of portable poultry housing.
5.Assist with the construction and maintenance of an “egg mobile”.
6.Assist in the processing of meat produced on the farm using the “mobile meat processing facility” operational in our area.
7.Assist in marketing produce at farmers’ markets, at the farm as well as through the ongoing efforts to develop a CSA.
8.Assist with other enterprises that have been developed, i.e. the boarding kennel and possibly the breeding/​welping/​raising of sheep guard dogs.
9.Participate in training developed by /​ with other MADE members.
10.Assist in developing new modes of advertising /​ promoting the farm and its products.
11.Any other necessary and related activities.

1.Room and Board.
2.profits from enterprises developed by an intern on the farm as arranged.

Sap Bush Hollow Farm.
Jim, Adele & Shannon Hayes, Bob, Saoirse and Ula Hooper
1314 W. Fulton Rd Warnerville, NY 12187
(518) 234-2105 sapbush@​midtel.net

Home to Jim, Adele and Shannon Hayes and Bob, Saoirse and Ula Hooper, we are a crew of 1st,2nd, 3rd and 4th generation farmers who've been raising pastured lamb, beef, pork and poultry in the hills of West Fulton since 1979. Profiled as one of the 50 most innovative farms in the country in The New American Farmer, we've pioneered a motley assortment of practices to make a fruitful, harmonious living on hilly, rocky soils. We process our chickens and turkeys in a simple on-farm processing workshop, and we process much of our own meat and poultry using our own on-farm NYS licensed 5-A and 20-C processing facility. We direct market all products from the farm and two small farmer's markets. We are all educated in the fields of sustainable agriculture, animal science and various ecological practices. Sap Bush Hollow is the inspirational home for Shannon Hayes author of The Grassfed Gourmet the acclaimed cookbook on grassfed meats, The Farmer and the Grill and Radical Homemakers. We all eat very well on this farm, as you may imagine (and so will you!)

Our intern will participate in all phases of care and responsibilities associated with the operation of this farm.

Examples of work to be performed: feeding of all livestock ( piglets, beef, ewes, lambs, dogs, chicks, layers, broilers, lambing chores, fencing, critical observation, mending and repairing; responsible interaction with customers, neighbors and any other visitors, periodic cooking (w/​instruction and supervision if necessary), records management, inventory control, grounds maintenance, gardening, processing of livestock, marketing and selling of products and livestock, and reporting damage and repairing of infrastructure items when necessary.

We seek an intern who will show care and sensitivity to all animals and people they come in contact with at all times.

Successful applicant should be able to operate standard transmission vehicles and a tractor(or be willing to learn) Position will require walking and outdoor work daily, rain or shine. Appropriate clothing is a requirement for this position – rainwear, sun protection, cold and hot weather garments, and excellent traction shoes for a variety of terrain.

We attempt to operate under the principles of holistic management and, therefore, the intern will have a role in discussion and decision making.

Compensation: Average 40 hours/​week. A 15 week internship. Compensation depends on your experience and education requirements.

Housing and food may be available on the farm, (we typically include lunch gratis). Housing alternatives may also be available in neighboring villages.

A personal vehicle for independence is advisable.

Please be aware that we do not allow smoking on the farm.